Dementia is a complex illness. Even the smallest changes to one’s daily
routine can cause unnecessary stress. This is why more and more families are relying on our dementia home care services as opposed to placing their loved ones within residential care homes.
Our team of carers are well-versed in supporting people with dementia,
allowing them to live an independent life at home. With our advanced live-in care and support, you can rest assured that we will do everything
we can to ensure that carers are placed in long-term assignments,
minimising the anxiety associated with someone constantly coming and going from the home.

Our carers will also provide: companionship, meal preparation, light
housework, domestic administration, recreational support and support
with daily errands.

Palliative and End of Life care

Dedicated palliative home care and specialist end-of-life support services from Vitaboost Healthcare. Our palliative home care services are available to adults and children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening or terminal illnesses.


If you or someone you love is suffering from a critical illness and requires
specialist palliative care, you want that care to take place in the home, then contact Vitaboost Healthcare. We will ensure you or your loved ones get the expert care needed, in the comfort of their home.


We understand that arranging care is the last thing you want to be doing when you have limited time with a loved one. Simply tell us your needs, we work with you and family members to put the best plan in place.

Physical and Learning disability Care

Vitaboost Healthcare is committed to providing support and care to individual service users with degenerative diseases such as MS or Parkinson’s, or a physical disability or learning disabilities.